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We all receive spam in our email boxes every day. As a broker, much of my spam comes from the numerous tech companies telling me how their new, shiny object of tech will revolutionize my business. Today I received an email from a company selling photography, but it also included a large article on tips for real estate agents to protect their high commissions. I know, I completely get how this company wants Realtors to make big commissions because that would be how their real estate agent clients can afford their product. What is disturbing to me and I’m sure most all home sellers is how no one in Southwest Florida except Florida Luxury Broker Realty dares to mention that all this commission money they are coveting is in fact the wealth of the homeowner, not an entitlement to a real estate agent. I don’t know of any Realtor who when selling their own home would want to pay the highest commission another salesperson could squeeze out of them. In fact, there are thousands of Realtors who got a license specifically to sell their own homes and save the commissions. Yet, the everyday homeowner is sold the idea that agents deserve these high commissions. Here are a few of the highlights of how the high commissions are defended in this article written for agents (paraphrased).

  1. Believe in yourself, even if you would not want to pay that commission yourself. Perception is reality so if you (the agent) believe that you are worth that much commission, then you can convince the homeowner to believe it too. Hide any moral issues like imposter syndrome, anxiety, or guilt. In other words, even if you know you don’t deserve it, you need to lie to yourself to gain self-confidence and put your mindset in a hyper sales position to sell that high commission figure to the homeowner. 
  2. Branding is all about imagery and style. While a professional appearance is important in all professional settings, there must be some room for professional aptitude in this advice. It is said that the age group named Millenials are one-third of the current buying demographic, soon be the dominant demographic and they rely heavily on the digital world for their information. I agree with that and believe it to be a good thing and partly how we are able to reduce our commissions as we move away from print and other more expensive forms of marketing used in the past. Relying too much on a salesperson’s style in person or online has given rise to the “poser” agent who skips professional education in favor of just their appearance and sales ability. That is all well and good for them until it is time to write or accept a contract, review inspections, discuss financing, insurance, zoning, buyer and seller logistics issues, and the variety of real problems and negotiation matters that exist in every transaction to one degree or another. The real estate seller or buyer is then left hoping there is a Broker or someone else in their agents’ office who might find the time to piece their transaction back together and get them to the closing table. Real estate buyers and sellers need to be cautious of who they enlist to represent them and don’t just rely on advertising and imagery. 
  3. Have data speak for you. This is usually a legitimate way to show your professionalism with a few caveats. I know from being in the digital marketing world for over two decades that the reviews and data are now much too easily manipulated. I leave organic reviews on Google, Amazon, and Yelp when I appreciate a great product or service. Many people don’t realize that what might even be a majority of that data of that type now is bought by the person or company receiving the review or if you have bad reviews there are services you can pay to either have the review disputed or have enough fake positive reviews generated that it buries the bad. I look at the reviews when I buy things, but I always take them with a grain of salt and I don’t rely on them for my final decision making. I have never asked for reviews for my service. Working mostly in the luxury niche of real estate, my clients do not necessarily have the time or inclination to promote my business when they are typically heavily involved in their own. Right now in my business, aside from my decades of Southwest Florida real estate industry experience, the best data I am offering is the enormous amount of savings in real estate commissions we create. That is hard factual data that no one can dispute. 
  4. Don’t lower your commission because you reduce your perceived value. Don’t let the homeowner talk you out of paying you what you deserve. Perceived value is an enormous problem for home sellers in the residential real estate industry in terms of commissions paid. As I have pointed out, even though technology and marketing have changed and the costs and workloads for agents have been reduced drastically, commissions have been held at the same level for decades. That is because of the perceived value that agents are trained to hard sell the homeowner as in articles like the one I am writing about, the intensive training from national real estate sales gurus, and the hardcore sales tactics from brokers and their companies that are maintaining those all very similar high commission rates. The article actually used the phrase, “what you deserve” referring to commissions. I have seen a million dollar home sell in one day and the listing agent collect roughly $70,000 in commissions for filling in the blanks of a preprinted purchase agreement and emailing it off to other professionals to process. We are literally talking about just a couple of hours of work for the agent. The listing agent deserved something for undervaluing the property, selling it to an investor, and costing the trusting seller at least a hundred thousand dollars in equity just so he could score a quick sale, but an obscene commission isn’t what I was thinking. The only thing “Guaranteed” in that transaction was the homeowners’ loss and the salesperson cashing in. Although agents don’t work by the hour, that pay rate if averaged out per hour is much higher than a vast majority of cardiac surgeons and others in professions that require many more credentials than a high school diploma and a couple of weeks of coursework. To be perfectly clear, the selling homeowner always determines what the real estate salesperson is to be paid or what they deserve. Do you really think the homeowner in the example given would have paid the salesperson roughly $14,000 per hour of work if they were given all the facts about the sales process?

The tide has already turned on high commissions in real estate. Homebuilders are offering an average of about one percent to Realtors and Florida Luxury Broker Realty is not the first discount commission or flat fee real estate brokerage company nor will we be the last to be created. We are the first authentic and locally owned office of its kind in Southwest Florida as far as I can tell. We are not an out of town agent referral company or one that makes you take your own calls and do your own showings. We offer all the services as a Realtor at a fair, professional service fee and no ridiculous broker or office add-on transaction fees. We give you back your options and let you keep your wealth. Contact us whenever you are considering the sale of your property to discover how we can deliver to you full professional services and a fraction of the cost. 

sanibel island florida homes for sale. Contact Michael Nolan Sanibel Island Florida Condos. Investment properties. Sanibel winter homes. Realtors

I recently read an article from the National Association of Realtors that stated “There are more agents competing for fewer homes on the market.” That is of course true. Homes are coming on the market less often, which is causing a chain reaction effect where even if a person was prepared to sell; what would they buy? It creates a bit of a conundrum for agents. Plus, here in Florida, there are a constant flow of people into the state and many of whom are real estate agents or have decided to become realtors because they hear the market is so “hot”, which is a relative adjective depending on if you can find your buyer a property. There are many young people entering the real estate industry. The last time I checked you basically needed to be 18 years old, have a high school diploma, and not be a felon. I personally love new young agents because I was once the new young agent when I was in my early 20’s and representing a luxury home builder in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was still one of the younger agents in the business when I started in Fort Myers and Cape Coral real estate 20+ years ago. Being able to answer questions and use my experience to help a new agent is a part of the work I really enjoy, especially when I remember how so many of the established agents back when I was new were less than kind to me. Regardless if they are new or experienced the fact is we are swimming in Realtors in Southwest Florida.

With a few exceptions like my specialization in luxury real estate and waterfront homes, there is very little that separates the work performed by agents. Especially with so much automation and technology in the market making global marketing instantaneous. While it takes training and experience to be able to navigate a successful transaction, a brand new agent can create the same internet exposure as the experienced agent as soon as they put the listing into the MLS.

That is one of the reasons why Florida Luxury Broker Realty was created. We have that authentic work experience in marketing, negotiation, transaction management, but we just pass the savings of our modern workplace on to our sellers. We are different because we are not focused on sales training and recruiting agents. We want to represent home sellers in Florida and we can do it at a better commission rate than any other real estate company, regardless of how many other agents are in the industry. 

Contact Michael directly to learn more about how to literally save thousands of dollars selling your home with Florida Luxury Broker Realty.

Lee County, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island Map

Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel Maps, and all Lee County Florida Canal and Lot Maps

We often get questions about the many canals for boating in Lee County. Lee County Florida is a boaters paradise with locations like Cape Coral, the Caloosahatchee River, the intercoastal waterways, and all of the amazing boating locations in Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, and surrounding areas. The Lee County government has provided us with a free resource that is incredibly helpful for not only learning about the Cape Coral canal systems and waterways, including the canal depths but also an aerial view of the entire area with each individual piece of land plotted out and measured for us. The website for the map is We can also provide you with bridge heights if you are looking at a canal home and have a bridge to boat under on the way to the Gulf. Contact us anytime with questions about the Lee County and Sanibel maps as well as waterfront homes in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, and all Lee County Florida.

The best part of the Sanibel Island, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and most all Lee County canals is the fact that we have so many homes built along our waterways. Imagine walking out your back door to your majestic waterway where you can jump on your boat and go out for a day on the water. Fishing, dining, drinks, the amazing Southwest Florida beaches are all just minutes away on the water. Florida Luxury Realty specializes in waterfront and luxury homes. We can sell your waterfront and luxury home and save you thousands of dollars in your real estate transaction. The typical savings of selling a home with our flat fee commission plan equals is tens of thousands of dollars on most waterfront homes. 

Contact us for information on homes for sale on these beautiful waterways.

Lee County, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island Map

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sanibel island florida homes for sale. Sanibel Island Florida Condos. Investment properties. Sanibel winter homes. Commissions

The Southwest Florida real estate peak season is in full swing. This season has an extra sense of urgency with the interest rate hikes and other economic factors looming. If you are interested in selling your home in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, or anywhere in Southwest Florida, now is your best opportunity. Granted, Realtors always say “Now!” is the best time to sell when speaking about listing a home. All things considered, this could actually be your best opportunity for some time to take advantage of the most favorable selling environment and our discount commissions.

I hope if you are considering selling, you will consider Florida Luxury Broker Realty as your partner in selling your real estate. Not just because we are great at selling Florida luxury real estate and love what we do. Not just because Michael has over 20 years of experience in the Florida luxury real estate market and international business. But also, you are just going to save so much money working with us you will question all the real estate commissions you have ever paid.

We have answered several questions about our business model recently as we become busier and busier. One question is “How do you sell homes as a Realtor at those commissions levels and still make money?” The answer is simple. Look at how your typical broker operates. Enormous, high-end retail space offices, which now typically sit 90% empty of agents. High overhead, high maintenance operations whose business model hasn’t been efficient for many years. What they do offer is the opportunity for you to hand off a large piece of YOUR home equity for the privilege of having them place your home in the computer system. Sorry to upset the apple cart, but all the online marketing that 99% of buyers use, Zillow,, the most viewed company sites; it’s all a service of the Realtor’s MLS system automatically. Other brokers do spend thousands of dollars a month buying captured personal information from these websites called “leads”, which are those people who are looking at homes online. In our company, all of those outside brokers and their agents are our “buyers agents” and the majority of sales are made through those outside agents. That is how a vast majority of the real estate industry has always operated and still does. It is also the easiest way to be sure you are getting the best market price for your property compared to the “quick sale” agents in the business now. We are a modern Florida luxury real estate business model that focuses on providing the professional service we are hired for. We work to keep your equity in your bank and work in your best interests, just like your accountant, attorney or financial planners do. By providing this streamlined, much more efficient, and professional service without the personal promotion and hyper ego-driven spending, we save on our company expenses, while providing the great service you need at a much better price. Technology has transformed the real estate industry and made marketing and office expenditures minimal. We are not the first nor the last real estate company to update our commissions plan to modern standards, but we are the most authentic, transparent, and a locally owned and operated brokerage here in Southwest Florida.

Another question is “Will other agents show a home at a reduced commission?” Simply put, absolutely they will and they do quite often. Our business model offers the option for home sellers to offer a percentage-based buyer’s agent commission or a reduced flat fee. We have the same activity from buyer’s agents on both commission structures, which is to be expected from an agent representing the buyer’s interests. Florida Luxury Broker Realty provides a great service by allowing you to sell your home at a greater financial return and offering your home to the buyer’s agents, when you may not have been interested in listing previously due to the exorbitant cost of real estate brokerage commissions. Agents also know that we at Florida Luxury Broker Realty are professionals in our trade and their client’s transaction will always be handled with the care and diligence expected of a luxury real estate brokerage. Thank you and contact us to learn more about our real estate services.

I hear many advertisements from Real Estate brokers and investors claiming they will buy your home for cash or will guarantee an offer in one day. This whole phenomenon of selling in one day should raise a red flag for any home seller. While this is Southwest Florida and with the number of people moving here, if your home is excellent and is priced correctly it just might sell very quickly, but there is a reason some homes sell “too” fast. When you hear some of the agent ads that sound surprisingly similar to used car ads, it is very likely that a salesperson is going to try to convince you to list your home on the market at a low price just to achieve a fast sale and put that big commission from your home equity right in their bank with as little work involved as possible. An investor advertising to buy your home is not going to pay the full market price. An investor must buy low and sell high, or be in a pretty short-lived business. The supposed real estate experts at Zillow recently learned that simple fact the hard way. If the agent says they will buy your home if they can’t sell it, it’s just the same sales pitch. They will buy it at their price, not yours. Lots of investors would.

When you sign a listing agreement there is a section of the contract called, “Brokerage Relationship”. Dealing “Honestly and Fairly” is number 1 on the list of duties. Number 2 is “Loyalty”. If someone is offering a guarantee to sell or buy your house fast, you need to ask if this person is really being completely honest and fair considering you want the best price for your home. How is that offering you loyalty at all?

High commissions are the way of the past. Say no to high commissions in Sanibel, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and all Southwest Florida by calling Florida Luxury Broker Realty to sell your home.

Our Soon to be Famous Blog Page

While it has been a few years since I have created a blog page for Southwest Florida Real Estate. I have created in the past interesting and relevant articles or posts about the real estate industry, real estate book reviews, and trends that affect you.  

I have been involved in the real estate industry for over 20 years now. Over the years I ventured into different venues in the business world and have done quite a bit of traveling about the country and to different parts of the world. The foundation of my success has always been my knowledge and belief in professional real estate brokerage. Many people do not realize that Realtors have a pledge to follow. It was written in 1954 and updated over the years:

The REALTOR® Pledge – I AM A REALTOR® I Pledge Myself To strive to be honorable and to abide by the Golden Rule; To strive to serve well my community, and through it, my country; To abide by the REALTORS’® Code of Ethics and to strive to conform my conduct to its aspirational ideals; To act honestly in all real estate dealings; To protect the individual right of real estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it; To seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence.

I began my career in real estate young compared to most of my peers and I have kept this pledge as a fundamental part of all my businesses. Now with this new company and its forward-thinking commission structures to match the modern trends of the industry, I feel like I am maintaining the integrity of my pledge more than ever. I hope you enjoy our posts and contact us when it is time to sell your Florida property.

sanibel island florida homes for sale. Contact Michael Nolan Sanibel Island Florida Condos. Investment properties. Sanibel winter homes.

Michael J. Nolan 

Broker-Owner, GRI, SRS, CDPE