Our Motto “Clients over Commissions”

 Our Vision – A Better Service at a Better Price

In the past, the Realtor then was completely responsible for researching home values and comparable properties and then presenting that information to the public because the data was printed in stacks of books in the local real estate office. It was intensive work that required knowledge, expertise, and research. 

Today the real estate consumer goes online and finds their home’s market value or searches for homes anywhere in the country within minutes from multiple resources. Inside the real estate office, most work now takes minutes instead of hours or days. The vast majority of property marketing is automated and free to the agent with all property information and images being spread globally as soon as it is entered in the Realtor MLS. Real estate brokerage has become more about purchasing data captured from the public from online sources, teaching high-pressure sales tactics, personal image building, and corporate branding which all necessitates the question, “Why are these salespeople being paid such enormous commissions for so little professional work to the customer?”


Most real estate sellers do not fully understand that agents are highly trained salespeople, sometimes by national sales training gurus in how to justify high commissions and fees to home sellers and overcome your objections. I have heard some of these salespeople say that they are personally responsible for home selling for more money. With egos that enormous they probably take credit for the Florida sunshine as well. Some sales presentations include absolutely beautiful presentation binders, books, and gifts to convince you to sign the listing contract with them, but it is all just part of a sales pitch for the same narrow scope of services agents are licensed to provide to the public.

Even if you have absolutely no concern about being able to afford to pay real estate commissions, it is your wealth and commissions are not a fixed expense to you regardless of tradition or a sales pitch. Always remember, professional representation is mandated by licensure and State law. A professional has learned through years of experience and a strong personal work ethic. Online advertising is an automatic part of MLS / Realtor membership and a fixed annual cost of doing business to the Broker whether you list your home or not. Expensive newspaper and magazine print ads are obsolete and often just mentioned by agents to justify high commissions. Videos, videos chat, and virtual showings are all free services to anyone. Professional photography is always provided when working with a professional. 

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There are key areas of transactions where an experienced real estate broker provides essential expertise. Professional salesmanship and effective negotiation skills are important.  Adjusting the software-generated property valuations. The ability to explain correct real estate pricing strategies and current market conditions. Communication with the interested buyers who many times are disillusioned from the information overload online as well as interacting with the multitude of licensed real estate salespeople in the industry now. Helping to protect you against the ever-present fraud, scams, and security threats involved in real estate transactions today. Negotiation and careful review of purchase offers and professional guidance in the positive and negative aspects of these complex documents. Ensuring the smooth facilitation of the transaction through the mortgage or cash processing leading to the successful closing and transfer of ownership. These are the actual professional services a real estate broker provides and all you are paying for at Florida Luxury Broker Realty.