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The Southwest Florida real estate peak season is in full swing. This season has an extra sense of urgency with the interest rate hikes and other economic factors looming. If you are interested in selling your home in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel, or anywhere in Southwest Florida, now is your best opportunity. Granted, Realtors always say “Now!” is the best time to sell when speaking about listing a home. All things considered, this could actually be your best opportunity for some time to take advantage of the most favorable selling environment and our discount commissions.

I hope if you are considering selling, you will consider Florida Luxury Broker Realty as your partner in selling your real estate. Not just because we are great at selling Florida luxury real estate and love what we do. Not just because Michael has over 20 years of experience in the Florida luxury real estate market and international business. But also, you are just going to save so much money working with us you will question all the real estate commissions you have ever paid.

We have answered several questions about our business model recently as we become busier and busier. One question is “How do you sell homes as a Realtor at those commissions levels and still make money?” The answer is simple. Look at how your typical broker operates. Enormous, high-end retail space offices, which now typically sit 90% empty of agents. High overhead, high maintenance operations whose business model hasn’t been efficient for many years. What they do offer is the opportunity for you to hand off a large piece of YOUR home equity for the privilege of having them place your home in the computer system. Sorry to upset the apple cart, but all the online marketing that 99% of buyers use, Zillow,, the most viewed company sites; it’s all a service of the Realtor’s MLS system automatically. Other brokers do spend thousands of dollars a month buying captured personal information from these websites called “leads”, which are those people who are looking at homes online. In our company, all of those outside brokers and their agents are our “buyers agents” and the majority of sales are made through those outside agents. That is how a vast majority of the real estate industry has always operated and still does. It is also the easiest way to be sure you are getting the best market price for your property compared to the “quick sale” agents in the business now. We are a modern Florida luxury real estate business model that focuses on providing the professional service we are hired for. We work to keep your equity in your bank and work in your best interests, just like your accountant, attorney or financial planners do. By providing this streamlined, much more efficient, and professional service without the personal promotion and hyper ego-driven spending, we save on our company expenses, while providing the great service you need at a much better price. Technology has transformed the real estate industry and made marketing and office expenditures minimal. We are not the first nor the last real estate company to update our commissions plan to modern standards, but we are the most authentic, transparent, and a locally owned and operated brokerage here in Southwest Florida.

Another question is “Will other agents show a home at a reduced commission?” Simply put, absolutely they will and they do quite often. Our business model offers the option for home sellers to offer a percentage-based buyer’s agent commission or a reduced flat fee. We have the same activity from buyer’s agents on both commission structures, which is to be expected from an agent representing the buyer’s interests. Florida Luxury Broker Realty provides a great service by allowing you to sell your home at a greater financial return and offering your home to the buyer’s agents, when you may not have been interested in listing previously due to the exorbitant cost of real estate brokerage commissions. Agents also know that we at Florida Luxury Broker Realty are professionals in our trade and their client’s transaction will always be handled with the care and diligence expected of a luxury real estate brokerage. Thank you and contact us to learn more about our real estate services.

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